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Wine Therapy

“ An unexpected lunch, the end of a successful day, or drinks with friends… Enjoy every break with the Wine Therapy gift set by Baccarat.

A selection of 6 iconic glasses from the Maison to taste fine wines and savour those precious moments each day. Red, white or rosé, choose your favourite glass and chill! ”

A set comprised of 6 different wine glasses of different iconic collections of the Baccarat heritage. We associated  each glass with a different emotion, personality or just mood, that can either fit different people coming together at a gathering, or even a single person on different days, or at different times.

Fot the production of assets, the asethetics: references, colors, objects, and poses/movements of each of the emotions was reinforced visually.

This concept was applied to a variety of digital media and physical objects, such as leaflets used as a means of enhancing the after-sale experience & concept transmission.

Also produced a market-specific video featuring Chinese actress Tan Zhuo, interpreting each of the emotions.


  • project supervision and development
  • creative direction of digital activation
  • design of activation assets: photos, animations, brochures and social media content
  • art direction of Asia-specific celebrity video

︎ photography and GIF animation executed by Studio Furious

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