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Espresso for Two - Talleyrand Moka Set x Alessi

“ Enjoy the irresistible taste of real Italian coffee and heighten your daily ritual with the most sustainable form of espresso.

Baccarat and Alessi, the renowned Italian design company, unveil a special limited edition set of 2 Harcourt cups and a Moka exclusively customised for this collaboration.

The Moka with its red handle and knob, a nod to Baccarat's signature colour, and the cups with their stylish design, will transform your coffee break into the most refined and pleasurable experience. ”
2019 - 2023 (launch)

  • project concept, supervision and development, packaging design
  • creative direction of digital activation
  • design & production of assets: 3D, illustrations
  • art direction of feature video

︎ original Alessi moka designed by David Chipperfield (2019)
︎ CGI videos created in collaboration with Xavier Thurston

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