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Harcourt 180th Anniversary

Star of glasses and glass of the stars, Harcourt has fascinated the world since 1841 and to this day keeps seducing the new generations.

Recognizable among all with its perfect shape and six-cut crystal facets capturing the beauty of light, Harcourt has been masterfully reinterpreted by the greatest designers in the world. This 180th anniversary is the perfect occasion to celebrate this infinite source of inspiration and symbol of modernity.

For this special occasion, our team has launched several anniversary items, of which most iconic is the Harcourt Glass 180th Anniversary edition in full red crystal.

This exclusive edition presented a “golden red” (created with 24K gold mixed with the crystal) N°3 size glass, with a custom engraving and special packaging designed to serve as an expositor after purchase. Each piece came with a hand-numbered certificate of authenticity.

Limited to 180 pieces and priced at 980€, it was already sold out in the pre-ordering phase, a first for Baccarat.

  • creative direction & design of product and packaging
  • project supervision and development
  • activation concept & production of assets: photography, logo, CGI

︎ analog photography created in collaboration with Rafael Dubus

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