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SWING Collection

Starting from a series of cut patterns submitted by long-time Baccarat collaborator, Yves Savinel, we have developed a full collection of tableware objects. The first truly new Baccarat tableware collection in two decades.

Initially developped to for the Japanese market, but quickly globalized, the collection cosists of: tumblers and highballs, “coupelles”, bowls and plates in different sizes, chopsticks/knife holders. There are several other developed products not yet released such as: carafes for water and saké (with accompaning glasses), a full oenologic stemware collection, as well as decorative and lighting objects.

The collection was launched withing a “Brunch” themed capsule release, which included other products developped by our team such as the Harcourt egg-holder and the Massena desert cup.

The Swing collection was a great success, with some of its items quickly becoming best-sellers, and with new additional product extensions releasing yearly.

  • product & packaging creative direction & design
  • project supervision and development
  • activation concept & production

︎ product design created with Yves Savinel & Paul Ared
︎ ambiance photos in this project not taken by me

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